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Online Fitness That's SMARTER, Not Harder.

The Progress Project

The Progress Project is an online fitness and food membership created to help you achieve the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

I want to show you how easy and affordable it is to get into shape and feel great. It's my job to work with you to put together a meal and workout plan that is accessible, personal and customisable to your lifestyle needs and preferences.

The Progress Project
Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Simple, easy to follow workouts. Delicious, normal and fad-free foods.

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The Progress Project Online Fitness and Fat Loss Programs for Men, Women and Couples.


With training designed for female specific weaknesses and strengths, choose from your starting level and training preference...

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SMART Friends and Couples

Supporting a friend or partner is the fastest route to success. Choose from individual programs or get the same one.

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The Progress Project has a program for men designed for your fitness level and training preference. Start here.

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what does the progress project include?

Your Training Plan, Exercise Demonstrations, Trainer Support, 7 Week Fat-Loss Simple Kickstart Meal Plan, and Progress Tracking

Results that are amazing

The Progress Project Online Fitness

My clients have told me time and again that all they want is to follow a simple, effective program a few days per week and to combine that with nutritional advice that is easy to follow, time-efficient and delicious.

I hear you! That's why I created The Progress Project.

  1. Follow a sustainable, balanced training program for long term results
  2. Learn how to eat sensibly in a manner that suits your lifestyle and goals

Are you ready to start making progress?

Results that are amazing
The Progress Project


simplify and succeed

Eating for Fat Loss Can Be Easy - I include a 7 Week Plan To Get You Started!


Learn how to lift, what to lift and workout using a balanced, periodised program that takes you from beginner to advanced - at home or in the gym.

How weights help you lose fat (not weight)

Are you struggling with your body composition? And getting in shape? Here's why...

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Why Is The Progress Project A Membership?

The Progress Project isn't a quick fix program with an end date because those short-term plans you see everywhere aren't designed to get you safe, effective, long-term results.

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Weight Loss Smackdown

Why you don't want to lose weight - and what to focus on instead.

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How does The Progress Project work?

Health and fitness shouldn't be sporadic - let's work together to make it a permanent lifestyle change with sustainable, progressive programming.

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When can I start and what happens?

Like the program, I focus on the basics that get results because it's these simple steps that make a real difference! So, let's have a look at what you need to start the program and how to get organised...

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What equipment do I need for home based training?

With just a minimal investment, you can set yourself up quite happily to start training at home. Not only will you save on membership fees at the local gym, there’s never any waiting for equipment and you save on travel time. Winning.

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the progress project

Little By Little A Little Becomes A Lot

Contact Me

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Who Am I

Who Am I

My name is Justine Guest. I run a very, very small and personalised fitness business in Perth - The SMART Body Project. You've probably never heard of it and that's the way I kind of like it.

I'm not an Insta famous fitness model. Or a celebrity. I am a normal person just like you. I don't set up my fitness business to be about me - it's about you. I have spent my life around health and fitness having had my own training business for the past 10 years (I'm a young 45 years old now). Before that I lived and breathed gyms. Being a Personal Trainer means the world to me - especially now.

SMART Body Project helps me to help clients make sense of the weight loss and fitness industry.  Can I get a little personal for a minute?

I have a chronically ill son - he's 10.  And he's been sick his whole life but we only just have the answer (literally a few months ago). The only way I have been able to navigate this situation has been with the ongoing love and support of a few amazing people who helped me to understand so we could find our way.  I couldn't make headway with his health until some amazing people helped me.

Diagnosis (of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) has changed our trajectory - we are back in control with a diagnosis and support. I know first-hand how much having someone on your team who believes you and believes in you means. It's the little things.

So here's the thing. And it's a really big thing. It is a lie that you need to kill yourself training at a high intensity, starving yourself or going on a fad diet to get results. You don't. I promise you.

I support clients with moderate intensity weights training programs and sensible eating that is sustainable.  And guess what? They're getting shit hot results (oh, by the way, I swear from time to time).

If you're ready to step away from the hype and hysteria of the diet and weight loss industry, welcome to my quiet corner of the internet. I'd love to help in any way I can. I mean that.

I wouldn't have my son or my life back if it wasn't for the generosity of others and their expertise. I was educated and guided through a maze of possibilities until I found the answers I needed to help my son and myself (no, doctors didn't find out what was wrong with us - I did. And the doctors diagnosed us. Long story).

I want you to know that if you find weight loss confusing and confounding, you're not alone. I will work with you to get results. If you want a simple, down-to-earth approach with someone who's willing to go the extra mile for you, look no further. I will help you.

Choose to work with a person, not a brand,  and I'd love for you to choose The Progress Project.  

I look forward to meeting you soon x

Justine x

Train to maintain and improve your basal metabolic rate while you eat normal food that stimulates fat loss and builds lean muscle.

No fads. No starvation. No torture.